Strengths of I-MELT Hotmelt Adhesives:

  • Adequate cohesive strength,
  • Strong Adhesion,
  • Light colorness or Colorlessness (Depending on formulation)
  • Faint Odorness or Odorlessness (Depending on formulation)


What The Benefits I-MELT Hotmelt Adhesives Offering Are ?

  • Easy to use, 100% solid content,
  • Environmentally friendly, Little or almost no harmful effect on environment for disposal,
  • Solventfree, non-toxic, flame retardant,
  • Ensures high speed in production line thanks to a rapid setting time (without failure by loss of heat)
  • Involves a wide range of adhesion to different substrates.


What is Hot Melt Adhesive?

A hot melt adhesive is defined as an adhesive system which starts with thermally melting and followed by occurence of cohesion (internal strength) by means of cooling, according to DIN EN 923.


What is I-MELT Hot Melt Adhesive?

I-Melt Hot Melt Adhesive System fully complies with legal standards with its  pure content. It is surpassingly suitable to apply for a wide variety of industries with different  applications, run by different technologies.