Mattress – Foam

Mattress / Foam

I-MELT hotmelt adhesives are applied increasingly in the mattress assembly process because of their fast set speeds.

Hotmelt adhesives make assembling process quicker and easier.

Our hotmelts adhesives are a perfect solution for mattress assembly lines because they are easier to handle, nonflammable and require no ventilation system in the application area due to no evaporation process.

Mattress / Foam Adhesive Applications

Mattress – Foam

Our smart mattress adhesives enable mattress manufacturers to bond quite different constituents together. These complex material structures and layers smoothly come together with hotmelt adhesive and serve you comfortable mattreses that are noiseless when flexed under stress, surrounds softly whole body figure, endures many years in usage safely for customers  and environment. Non-toxic and organic hotmelt adhesive support producing sustainable products with less waste and energy at  manufacturing processes.