About Us


     I-MELT was initially founded in 2006 in Turkey. From that time, we keep expanding our business by   acquiring exclusive manufacturer partnerships all over the world.


     Today we act as an agent and distribution channel of a number of high ranking global manufacturers.  With more than 12 years of experience, we are dedicated to serve our customers by providing the best bonding solutions through different technologies. In any case, we aim not only to appear as a product supplier in the eyes of customer, but also to improve long-term relationships by building mutual trust. 


     Through our expertise and know-how, I-MELT is able to keep offering  appropriate solutions to  industrial customers from after Sales as well. So, we do effectively create a value by supporting  them each and every step of collaboration. Today we are actively operating in international arena by means of direct exporting, too. In fact,  we keep exporting our specialized hotmelt adhesives to a wide variety of countries in the regions of North and South Europe, Middle-East, Southern and North Africa and almost all neigbouring countries bordering Turkey.


     As an adhesive trader, our ultimate goal is not to get limited of that but moving ahead by exploring new business partners to put up a long term relationship, of course through caring for environmental demands, caring for human health and contributing global environmental policy. We removed the borders, our main principle is to serve global world and stay linked to global Manufacturers and customers as always before.



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